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No, you do not have to check with us prior to sending a firearm for transfer. We do ask, after you've completed your purchase with the Seller, that you visit our website and click the "Transfer In" button/link and fill out the appropriate form pertaining to your purchase.
After you've filled out the form on our website, all that's left to do is patiently wait for the firearm to be delivered to us. Once it has, we will need some time to process the day's shipments into our inventory. As soon as we have your firearm processed in, we will send you an email with a link to make an appointment for your NICS Background Check and to finalize the transfer.
Yes, all transfers cost only $10. All day, every day! There are no additional fees.
* Note: All transfer fees must be payed via cash
No problem! We can do multiple transfers during the same Background Check session. Please be aware that each item transferred in carries it's own $10 fee.
If the Seller allows you to bypass the FFL shipping section for the time being, just visit our website and fill out the form located here. This will automatically send the Seller a copy of our License.
Gunbroker has our FFL License on file and will, in most cases, automatically send the Seller a copy of License after you've selected us as the receiving FFL Dealer. If not, just fill out the form on our website located here and the form will automatically send our License to the Seller for you.
If you've filled out the form located here and the Seller still has not received a copy of our License, it is usually because our email has not made it past their SPAM filters. The email that is automatically generated and sent to the Seller contains an attached downloadable image of our License that some filters don't like. Contact us at: with the Seller's email address and we'll get a copy to them right away!
As a one-man crew operating out of my home, I make every effort to be around for all deliveries. Unfortunately, it is simply impossible for me to be at my home 24/7/365. If a delivery is missed, most shipping services will attempt to re-deliver on the next business day.
In most cases, we do not sell or ship 3rd party firearms, but feel free to contact us at so we can discuss it further.
We can technically hold onto a firearm for you for as long as you need, but realistically it's easy run out of space in the safe. In this case, we will simply contact you and kindly ask you to come by at your earliest convenience.
We are a home-based FFL Dealer and therefore do not keep an inventory of firearms in stock. From time-to-time, we do handle consignment sales for our Clients which we blast out via email newsletters we call "For Sale Fridays". Sign up to receive these & other $10FFL communications below:
We've heard great things about the CCW Course at Diamond Back Shooting Sports. More info can be found here:
No, we are not able to transfer Suppressors/Silencers as our FFL License does not cover those items.
It looks like Ultra Precision FIrearms has the Silencer Shop S.I.D (Secure Identity Documentation) kiosk. Click here to visit their website.